Fluval Chi ll – 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit

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Fluval keeps coming out with so many neat aquariums. Their designer gets a gold star for this one! This is yet another spin on the nano tank that is so original. Sleek, modern and without the bulkiness of an ugly plastic aquarium hood! Long overdue. Great for Shrimp, Siamese Fighting Fish, Endlers, Guppies, White Clouds and the list goes on and on. This tank would look great on a desk, kitchen counter, or where ever you would like to see a little slice of aquatic life…which should be EVERYWHERE! This aquarium is ideal to put beside your computer so that you can look at something that is real rather than virtual. We have lots of accessories in stock including a little submersible heater to warm up your fish.

Aquariums can have a calming and relaxing effect on us. Fluval Chi takes this concept a step further. Inspired by Feng Shui, this unique aquarium is designed to create the perfect balance of sight and sound to help inspire positive life flow energy.

Chi helps stimulate the essence of Chi-inspired values such as life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive. The calming aquatic setting creates a profound sensory and spiritual experience by combining the soothing sound and motion of bubbling water with ambient illumination. Elegantly-designed, this contemporary-looking aquatic centerpiece is the perfect addition in any home or office space.

Key Features:

fluval_chi_10505-Unique aquarium design creates perfect balance of sight and sound
-With artistic simplicity chi makes a stunning aquatic feature in any home or office space.
-17 powerful LED lights plus a permanent up light providing a gentle glow
-Powerful filtration for sparkling, healthy water
-Rotatable cube to clean or replace filter pads
-Includes filter media
-Easy to set up
-19L glass aquarium with safe,
low voltage filtration and lighting cube
-Includes 1 filter pad and 1 foam pad
-Frosted aquarium cover

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