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Gorgeous planted aquarium designed by Connor Huntington of Aquariums West. Come and see this set up in the store.

New things are happening all the time at Aquariums West!  Our display tanks are forever changing to help inspire the aquarium artist in everyone of us.  We have aquariums ranging from a simple beginner aquarium to an advanced hobbyist.  All of us love aquariums and it is our pleasure to be able to help each and every one of you with your design to add some aquatic sparkle to your home or office.  We have experts in saltwater, freshwater, aquatic gardening, exotic reptiles and small animals and if we don’t know the answers to your queries or questions, we will get help from “Google”.

Don’t like getting your hands wet?  We recommend Costin Andrei of “Aqua Vibes” (who used to work at Aquariums West) to set up,  design and  maintain your aquarium.  All you have to do is enjoy!  To set up an appointment with Costin please call 778-385-0945

Here is what one of Costin’s customer says:

“I look forward to Costin’s every visit. His life-long passion for fish has him possessed of a vast amount of knowledge, but it is his natural, genuine and warm personality that makes his visits so enjoyable. He is impeccably courteous, he leaves everything spotless and he teaches and encourages me in my hobby. I hired an expert but wound up with a relationship that feels more like a friendship because of my respect for him and trust in him. I would leave him the key to my apartment in a heartbeat were I to go away. I am proud and happy to recommend him”.   Chris